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About Us

EEF is committed to provide effective education and  a wide range of educational related support services (Music, Dance, Sports etc.) to Schaumburg  residence. ​Our Members, Partners and  Donors together provide great benefits and help us in organizing various training, workshop and other educational related events, and empower our students to peruse their career goals to become the next generation of leaders. 

What we do


  • Training  and skills development

    • Supplemental Training in IT, Leadership, Management, Math, Science, Music, English and more

    • Provide a wide range of training that our partners offer

    • Leadership skills development and career coaching

    • Career counseling and job placement support


  • Staffing 

    • ​​Resume preparation

    • Interview Preparation

    • Job Placement


  • Financial Aid

    • Funds for qualified student 

    • Discount for our members and partners

    • Funds for books and materials

    • Fundraising events

  • Scholarship Program

    • Support and motivate students to learn computer programming, Math, Management, Leadership and Music

    • Provide support  in IT career with strong working knowledge

    • Provide financial support for education

    • Provide rewards/grants for the education



Our Vision

Be the #1 Trusted and Respected in Education and support services provider in Schaumburg  and nearby communities

Our Purpose

Build a strong local communities by providing a wide range of education and related support services to Schaumburg and nearby communities 


Our Mission

​EEF is committed to motivate students and qualified members to continually exceed expectations. We offer creative and innovative programs along with a wide range of educational and related support services to Schaumburg residence.

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