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Apply for Membership

Who can become members

  • Schaumburg or nearby city/village residence .

  • Any volunteer who wants to offer their services to community.

  • Individual who wants education assistance.

  • Individual who wants scholarship.

  • Individual who wants training at discounted rate.

EEF Membership benefits and services

EEF connects members with each other and with effective resources, strengthens you and  your organization and help you  to grow your businesses.


Member Benefits at Expert Education Foundation (EEF)

  • Participation in Board Meetings:

    • Members have the opportunity to attend board meetings, contributing to discussions and decision-making processes.

  • Members-Only Events:

    • Engage in events where members can discuss topics of shared interest, share valuable resources, and build stronger relationships to advance their work.

  • Discounted Rates:

    • EEF members receive exclusive discounted rates for services provided by our partners.

  • Tax-Deductible Membership Donation:

    • Your membership donation is tax-deductible, offering financial benefits while supporting our mission.

  • EEF Coffee Mug:

    • As a token of our appreciation, each member receives a special EEF coffee mug

Member Growth Opportunities at Expert Education Foundation (EEF)

  • Directory Inclusion:

    • Your information will be seamlessly added to our comprehensive directory, facilitating easy access and networking opportunities.

  • Access to a Dynamic Network:

    • Gain entry to an active and diverse network of leaders within your business, fostering collaboration and growth.

  • Recognition for Generosity:

    • Members contributing $500 or more will have their picture and company information prominently featured on the EEF website, showcasing their commitment to our mission.

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