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Who can become members
  • Schaumburg or nearby city/village residence .

  • Any volunteer who wants to offer their services to community.

  • Individual who wants education assistance.

  • Individual who wants scholarship.

  • Individual who wants training at discounted rate.

EEF Membership benefits and services


EEF connects members with each other and with effective resources, strengthens you and  your organization and help you  to grow your businesses.

  • Members can attend board meetings

  • ​In the members events, they can discuss topics of shared interest, share resources, and develop stronger relationships that advance their work. 

  • EEF members receive discounted rates to our partners' services

  • Membership donation is TAX differed

  • Member receivers an EEF coffee mug

  • Member’s info will be added in our directory.

  • Access to an active and diverse network of leaders in your business.

  • Members who provide $500 or more donation, their picture and company’s info will be listed on EEF Website.

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