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Apply For A Grant

Thank you for your interest to apply for an Expert Education Foundation grant.

Who can Apply 


EEF is looking for students that understand the importance of a great education in building a successful career.

If you are a student with ambitions to challenge yourself and become a leader in your profession and community, apply!

We are looking for students that meet the following criteria:

  • Possess strong academic record at the community college that includes consistent course enrollment, degree progress and grades. 

  • Demonstrated financial need 

  • Proven record of success by persevering through personal, academic and professional challenges. 

  • Be a person, committed to putting your skills, abilities and passion to work in order to improve the lives of others and the needs of society as a whole.  


1: Become a Member

Unlock exclusive benefits and opportunities by becoming a member of Expert Education Foundation (EEF). Join a dynamic community, gain access to a network of leaders, and contribute to our mission of enhancing education and support services in Schaumburg and neighboring areas.

2: Apply for a Grant

Apply for an Expert Education Foundation (EEF) grant to receive financial support for your education. Showcase your academic achievements, financial need, and commitment to improving lives through education in your application.


3: Application Review Process

The EEF board will carefully review your application to assess eligibility, alignment with our mission, and the potential impact on the community. Applicants will be notified of the board's decision upon completion of the review process.

4: Approval Notification

If your application meets the criteria and aligns with our mission, you will receive an approval notification from the EEF board. Congratulations on the approval of your application!


5: Voucher Issuance

Upon successful registration for the training courses, the Expert Education Foundation (EEF) will issue a voucher to acknowledge your enrollment. Please follow any instructions provided by EEF regarding the usage and redemption of the voucher for the specified training program. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact the EEF directly.

6: Register for Training Courses

To register for the training courses, please follow these steps:

  • Visit the Expert Education Foundation (EEF) website or contact the organization's training department.

  • Look for the registration section or forms for the specific training courses you are interested in.

  • Fill out the required registration information, including your personal details and the selected training program.

  • Follow any provided instructions for payment or additional documentation.

  • Submit the registration form and await confirmation from the EEF regarding your enrollment in the training courses.


7: Certification Process

To obtain the certification, please follow these steps:

  • Successfully complete the required training program or course.

  • Fulfill any additional certification requirements outlined by the Expert Education Foundation (EEF).

  • Submit any necessary documentation or proof of completion to the relevant certification authority.

How EEF Grant Process Works

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