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Apply for a Scholarship

Our Goal  


Our goal is to inspire and empower youth by fostering an early understanding of computer programming concepts. Through our initiatives, we aim to motivate young individuals to pursue successful careers in IT by equipping them with a robust foundation of knowledge. Join us in shaping a future where the youth not only learns but excels in the dynamic field of computer programming.


Selection Criteria:

To be considered for our scholarship/sponsorship program, candidates will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

1. Programming Skills/Interests:

   Demonstrated proficiency or keen interest in computer programming concepts.

2.Creative Thinker:

   Ability to think innovatively and creatively to solve challenges.

3.Problem Solver:

   Track record of effectively addressing and resolving complex problems.

4.Leadership Ability:

   Exhibits leadership qualities and the ability to guide and inspire others.

5.Presentation Skill:

   Effective communication and presentation skills to articulate

   ideas and solutions.

6.Quick Learner:

   Demonstrates the ability to grasp new concepts rapidly.

7.Team Player:

   Collaborative spirit and the ability to work seamlessly within a team.


Scholarship/Sponsorship Rewards:

  • All participants will receive a trophy as a recognition of their participation.

  • Special Awards for #1, #2, and #3 winners, acknowledging outstanding achievements.

Additional Incentives:

Surprise Training Vouchers and Rewards for selected participants, providing opportunities for further skill development.

Join us in recognizing and celebrating the exceptional talents and skills of our participants!

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How EEF Scholarship / Sponsorship Process Works


1: Fill out membership form

To become a member, kindly complete the membership form available on our official website. Your information will help us tailor our services to better meet your needs and ensure you stay informed about exclusive member benefits and opportunities.

2: Apply for Scholarship

To apply for our scholarship, please navigate to the scholarship section on our website and complete the online application form. Ensure you provide all required documentation and details to be considered for this valuable opportunity.


3: EEF board will review your application

Once you submit your application, the EEF board will meticulously review it to assess your qualifications and alignment with our program objectives. Our thorough evaluation process aims to ensure transparency and fairness in the selection process. You will be notified of the board's decision promptly.

4: Attend coding challenge

Prepare for an exciting coding challenge and showcase your programming prowess by attending our coding challenge. Join fellow enthusiasts in a friendly and stimulating environment where you can test your coding skills, solve challenges, and engage with like-minded individuals. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your coding abilities and be part of a dynamic community passionate about technology.


5: Attend interview session

Congratulations on reaching the interview stage! Attend our upcoming interview session to discuss your qualifications, experiences, and aspirations with our team. This is an opportunity to showcase your skills, learn more about our organization, and explore how your contributions can align with our mission. We look forward to a productive and insightful conversation during the interview session.

6: Selection procedure

Our selection procedure involves a thorough evaluation process. Firstly, candidates are assessed based on their application, ensuring they meet the necessary qualifications. Subsequently, shortlisted individuals undergo an interview session to further gauge their skills, experiences, and alignment with our organization. The final step includes a comprehensive review by the selection committee, ensuring a fair and transparent process to identify the most suitable candidates.

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7: Award Ceremony

Celebrate the culmination of achievements at our upcoming award ceremony, where we recognize and honor the outstanding contributions and successes of our members. Join us for an evening of applause, camaraderie, and inspiration as we acknowledge the dedication and accomplishments within our vibrant community. Your presence at this memorable event will add to the spirit of celebration and collective achievement.

How EEF Sponsorship Process Works

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