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Our Mission

Expert Education Foundation (EEF) 

EEF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing and providing education and support services in Schaumburg, IL, USA and neighboring areas. At EEF, we are devoted to providing higher educational values and extended opportunities to qualified members.
EEF is committed to motivating students and qualified members to continually exceed expectations. We offer creative and innovative programs, along with a wide range of educational and related services to Schaumburg residents.
EEF thrives on support from donors, including neighboring businesses, community members, and educational leaders.


Become a volunteer

If you are looking to make a difference in the lives of others living in Schaumburg Community, there are a number of opportunities to get involved with EEF. Donate your time or talent to support EEF initiatives.

A helping hand

Although we are small, EEF makes a significant contribution to the advancement of the community we serve. We are known for our IT training and Staffing support where we support young adults with their career goals. Our members get Grant/Scholarships, Training, Workshops etc. 

Help us by donating

Without the donations of generous individuals and businesses, none of this can be done. Your financial support provides more than 20 percent of our budget, and without it we would not be able to fulfill our commitments.

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